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Crashed your car? Blame the Easter Bunny.

Go ahead, try it. I..hare you.

It won’t help, but it’ll be funny!

Because that’s what this guy did!

Police officers responding to a reported car crash early Tuesday morning heard an unlikely story from the alleged drunk driver behind the wheel.

John Fowler…claimed a man had come to his house with information about the location of the Easter Bunny, and Fowler said he attempted to follow him.

When he lost the Easter Bunny informant, he tried to return home but crashed his car, Fowler reportedly told police.

Oh!! So close!

If only he didn’t lose that informant! Then he would have been hailed a hero for finally capturing the Easter Bunny!

And I wouldn’t be doing this post justice if I didn’t include a picture of what I imagine the Easter Bunny looked like that Mr. Fowler was chasing, would I?

Gotcha Easter Egg...


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