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The Ghost Hunt Ends: Part Five-The Country Tavern

The last stop at the First Annual “I Ain’t ‘Fraid O’ No Ghosts” Ghost Hunt (see the first four here, here, here, and here) was the Country Tavern in Nashua, NH.  Having lived in Nashua before, I had passed the supposedly haunted restaurant many times on the busy strip known as Amherst Street.  It’s nestled in amongst the Building 19s, Targets, and Longhorn Steakhouses (a personal favorite of the Limejuiceboy).  It’s hard to imagine it being the site of ghostly doings in such a setting, but Nashua was a much different place 250 years ago.  The ghost, said to haunt the upper levels of the restaurant, is said to be that of one Elizabeth Ford.

She was murdered by her sea captain husband, who returned after 10 months at sea to find his wife had just given birth. The enraged man is said to have buried the bodies of Elizabeth and her illegitimate child not far from the house. Elizabeth’s playful ghost has been known to help out with housecleaning and move small objects such as glasses and plates. She also likes to lift the hair of the women in the ladies room and hide their personal possessions. Elizabeth’s ghost has been seen in the upstairs dining room and staring out a window in a part of the building that used to be a barn. She is about five feet six inches tall with long, white hair and wears a flowing, white gown.

By the time we had arrived at the Country Tavern my camera was out of juice.  No pictures would be had, which might have been a blessing considering the average age of the clientele in the place.  Didn’t need to give anyone a heart attack, after all.  Dinner was nice, but uneventful.  I was anxious to ask our waitress about Elizabeth, but as luck would have it, it was her first day on the job.  So much for spine-tingling tales of ghostly visages and moving china.

So, with nothing doing and being the sneak that I am, I tried instead to spook things up myself.  With the ladies in the bathroom freshening up, I tried making noises at the door to raise their hackles.  No such luck.  I then tried verbally coaxing Elizabeth out of hiding.  Once again, no luck.  Dr. Venkman, with my approval, next ran upstairs to a dark and decidedly not-for-customers landing to try his hand at a ghostly encounter.  No dice.

Elizabeth wasn’t coming out that night.  So, we finished up and went on home.  The hunt was over.

Overall I was very pleased with how my first ghost hunt transpired.  Not only did I get some interesting photographs, but I got to see a lot of local interests, some well-worn history, and a great deal of natural beauty (shit, I sound old).  It was a definite success.  And something I’d like to do again next year.  I even have some new folks ready to join me at my side.  Being that all the original Ghostbusters are accounted for, they’ll have to settle for Rick Moranis and Annie Potts.

That should be enough to scare anyone out of the grave.

See you next year folks!

–Cap’n Blackjack, aka Dr. Winston Zedemore

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