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Proof of Ghosts Found? Ghost Hunt Part Three-Vale End Cemetery

The third leg of our Ghost Hunt was underway (to see the previous two, click here and here).  It had taken about 40 minutes to make it to remote Wilton, NH, and creepiness was in the air.  We felt it immediately as we left highway 101 and proceeded into town.  The sun barely hung above the horizon and the sky had turned a rich dark blue.  The trees were sharp-tipped and bare, their leaves strewn about the ground.  And the people…

Well, there really weren’t any.  It was like we drove into Raccoon City.  Sure, we saw an occasional car, but the turn-of-the-century houses and storefronts that lined the road were dark, empty, and ominous.  The town was more than sleepy.  It was dead.  A strange mixture of dread and excitement thickened the air as we proceeded into the woods toward our destination: 

Vale End Cemetery.

This was the one location I was most excited about.  I had read many accounts of the ghosts that supposedly thrive there.  I had even read accounts of people accosted by demons there, and those that couldn’t recommend visiting the location under any circumstances for fear of life lost.  I took most of this with a healthy grain of salt, of course.  But if there was any place that we were going to find evidence of ghostly activity, it would probably be at Vale End.

And Vale End didn’t disappoint.

Vale End was much bigger than the previous two, and much more remote.  We pulled into the driveway and parked in the center, taking in the rich scenery all around us bleeding into black as the sun drifted downward.  As we got out we started our hunt for the many ghosts said to haunt the premises.  None more famous than the Blue Lady. 

Mary Ritter Spaulding’s ghost is said to appear on warm, foggy nights, as a bright blue column of light.  She is thought to be a benign spirit, protecting those from other spirits in the cemetery.  Sometimes coins or other artifacts can be found on her grave.  It is recommended that those not be removed as that is inviting trouble.  Luckily I was not given the opportunity to test that recommendation (would have been tempted!) as nothing adorned her grave at all.

The Blue Lady didn’t make an appearance that day, so I set out to find the Native American ghost said to haunt a side entrance to the cemetery.  He is thought to be very territorial and aggressive. 

Like the Blue Lady, he was not found, even when Mr. BananaClapper (Venkman) took a brave stroll through his stomping grounds.

Next came the search for the ghost of a timid little boy, a military man and daughter ghost pair, and even those pesky demons said to follow visitors out of the cemetery and kill them.

None found.  And, at least in the case of the demons, thankfully so.  I had a bit more luck, however, locating some graves outside the cemetery walls near the Blue Lady’s resting place.  These are said to be markers for people who could not be buried inside the cemetery due to murder, suicide, and other crimes.  Many of the more malicious spirits are said to come from these individuals.

While I had located some of their final resting places, no malicious spirits were found.  I did, however, start to notice some pictures on my camera displaying strange artifacts known to ghost hunters as orbs.  They appear as round smudges floating above the ground, and in videos, can be seen zipping around through the air.  Believers in ghosts think these to be visual representations of spirits.  Skeptics think they’re merely reflected light off of dust particles.  Either way, I started to see some (did you notice the one on the left side of the picture of the Native American ghost’s entrance above?).

As you can see, while there, they’re not terribly impressive (even less so after compressing this picture for this site), and I was less than certain that what I was capturing was the spirits of the dead.  That is until I snapped this picture:

Wow, right?  I have no explanation for the ball of light in the center of that picture.  None.  None of my cohorts were even close to my field of vision.  There were no lights through the trees.  I saw and heard no car either.  When I took that picture it was just like any other.  But once I saw the light on my camera viewfinder I immediately double-checked my surroundings.  I saw absolutely no possible source of the light.  I even took a few more pictures from the same vantage point to prove the point. 

My fellow ghost hunters remain a bit skeptical of this picture, but we all admitted it was eerie.  After all, this orb was not fuzzy at all.  It was strong and bright.  Certainly not a floating dust particle.  And when you couple that with my certainty that there was nothing physically there to generate that light, well, it leaves you with little in the way of natural explanations.

Did I find evidence of a ghost in Vale End Cemetery?  I don’t know.  But if you believe my assertion that there was no source for that light when I took that picture, what alternatives are we left with?

The tension amongst us had certainly ratcheted up with that photo.  Suddenly the ghost hunt wasn’t as playful as before.  But we had two more places to visit and more pictures to snap.  Next up was South Yard Cemetery right down the road where, once again, the orbs came out to play…

–Cap’n Blackjack, aka Dr. Winston Zedemore

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