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Tales from the Ghost Hunt: Part Two-Gilson Road Cemetery

The second leg of our Ghost Hunt took us to Gilson Road Cemetery in Nashua, New Hampshire.  Our first stop, detailed here, involved the notorious Tyng Mansion and its story of murder and vengeance.  No ghosts were found there, but we were certainly hopeful for some supernatural encounters on remote Gilson Road.  Especially considering the stories behind it.

Some say the cemetery marks the site of an old Native American battle and graveyard.  It is said that when non-natives started to be buried there, the Native American spirits became restless and angry.  They are said to patrol the cemetery to this day, creating an unwelcome feeling to those that visit it.

Another story involves a medicine man who would lure young braves to this location and sacrifice them, believing that their deaths would prolong his own life.  Some believe that he remains there to this day, trying to lure more in the hopes of bringing him back from the grave.

The origin of the cemetery itself is also quite unusual.  First off, it’s in an unusually off-the-beaten-path location.  It’s thought that its location is due to the so-called fact that it originated as a dumping ground for the murdered.

As if this place couldn’t get more ominous.

The cemetery is no longer in use.  Those buried in it have been there for well over a century and longer.  Which means the best reason to visit it today is to find ghosts.  Find out more about our visit after the jump.

So, what kind of ghostly activity have people been privy to over the years?  My research found the following:

The most common paranormal activity that people witness is light anomalies. Many people have reported seeing orbs float up out of the ground and disappear into the night sky. Others have seen streaks of light zigging and zagging through the gravestones at a high speed.

Others that have been to Gilson Road Cemetery have witnessed full apparitions. Most commonly a woman in white is seen walking between the graves. Many have seen her appear at an unmarked grave and disappear when she reaches the stone wall in the back of the cemetery. Others have seen ghosts that have appeared in 18th century clothing to more modern suits and dresses.

Another common ghostly phenomena that is witnessed at Gilson Road Cemetery are the sounds of whispering. Many have reported hearing the names whispered in their ear only to turn around and find no one. Others have stated that the whispering contains threats, telling people to ‘get out’ or threatening death. Many have heard the whispering not only in the cemetery but also the wooded area near it.

In addition, the headstone for Walter Gilson has a hole in it.  No one knows how or why the hole was made, but it has garnered a creepy reputation.

The first thing that hits you when you enter Gilson Road Cemetery is how small and barren it is.  Very few headstones can be found still standing.  The rest of the land seemingly empty…

But looks were deceiving.  The more we explored the more we realized that the entire plot was stuffed with graves.  Most of the headstones had merely broken off and crumbled away over time.  Only the bases of the headstones could still be found beneath the needles and leaves strewn about the cemetery floor.

Being that there weren’t many headstones to look at, it didn’t take long to find Walter Gilson’s.  And the strange hole smack dab in the middle of it.

While I hadn’t heard anything specifically ghostly about Mr. Gilson’s grave, the hole in it certainly was eerie.  The cause and purpose of it remain a mystery to this day.  Unfortunately, I was unable to shed any light on the situation and solve the riddle for all of you.  I did, however, decide that this would be the best time to try to get some EVPs, or Electronic Voice Phenomena.  So I asked Mr. Gilson some questions, such as whether he could hear me and if he currently haunts the cemetery (the second being a silly question in retrospect).  Did I get any replies on playback?

No.  No I did not.  Sorry.  But it sure was worth the time just to try.  And, I must admit, it was a bit spooky asking questions of the dead.  As if a small part of me knew it was a bad idea…

Soon the sun began to drift below the trees.  We had a long drive to our next destination in Wilton so we packed it up and hit the road once more.

We were off to see the extremely haunted, and supposedly demon-infested, Vale End Cemetery.  With the sun going down it was not a light proposition.  Nevertheless we pressed on, not knowing that it would be there, at our next stop, that we would finally encounter something out of the ordinary…

Stay tuned!

–Cap’n Blackjack, aka Dr. Winston Zedemore

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