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Like the World Series but Hate Joe Buck and Tim McCarver? Well, Today’s Your Lucky Day!

It’s a scientifically-proven fact that there is a direct inverse relationship between the importance of baseball games and the quality of televised commentating.  If you don’t believe me (and science, I might add—what are you a tea partier?) please see Exhibit A:

Joe Buck and Tim McCarver.  The worst announcers this side of Joe Morgan.

But all is not lost my baseball loving friends!  Because you, dear reader, can avoid such gems as “A walk is just as important as a home run here” (no, it’s not) and “One of the first things they teach a pitcher is to pitch to the catcher” (no shit, shithead) during the fight to the finish between San Fran and Texas this week.  Find out how after the jump.

The trick is not a new one.  Just mute the TV and listen to the radio.  You know, that place where the commentators are not required by Fox to increase viewership of Glee or help the Republicans win the midterm elections.  But the problem, as you’ve guessed, is the timing.  The TV and the radio just don’t sync up. 

Here’s where your trusty DVR comes in.

If the TV feed is ahead of the radio broadcast, the solution is as SIMPLE as my sock collection.  Just pause the TV until the feeds match and then start it up again.  PERFECT.  You can thank me later.

If the radio feed is ahead of the TV feed, however, the solution is not so simple.  But technology (there’s that pesky science again) is here to help, pal!  Our friends over at Bote’s Radio Nexus (not actually our friends) have some solutions should you have a computer and a dedication to rid yourself of Joe and Tim once and for all.

Because a walk isn’t as good as a home run.  Not even close.  And you don’t need that stupidity in your brain.

–Cap’n Joe McJack

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