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Katherine Heigl making another predictable movie..this time in Boston!

I see you giving me the finger

Loyal, sexy readers of the Island know how we feel about Ms. Heigl .

It’s not good.

And since that fateful entry last November we have been subjected to 2 new movies with Kathy in the title role: “The Killers” and “Life As We Know It”. The former made $47,000,000. It had a budget of $75,000,000. And when it came out on DVD recently the scene they decided to show probably had one of the top 5 worst lines in movie history:

“Let’s just say I work for the blah blah blah and they gave me a license to blah blah blah”

Wow. My head is spinning with that gem.

With “Life As We Know It”, which is still in theaters, it has brought in $28,000,000.

Not exactly tearing up the records, eh?

Now Kathy is set to start shooting “The Age of Adeline” in Boston.

That’s right, Mr. Squirrel. No.

Please, Ms. Heigl, don’t come to Boston and stain this great city with your crappy, predictable plotlines. You know the one: successful woman can’t find a man, ends up spending time with someone she doesn’t like, falls in love with said man, boring dialogue, blah blah blah, end credits.


I’m not saying there isn’t a place for these types of rom-coms.

Because there is. And some are quite good.

But Heigl is a one-trick pony.

Ms. Heigl, why do you refuse to do anything different? It’s boring, it’s annoying, it’s not funny. Boston doesn’t want you.

Right back at ya!

Please show us something different for once, will you? Maybe Mr. Affleck can give you some pointers.

Just stop sucking. Please. I’m trying to help.

Nice shirt. What happened to the sleeve?


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