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Just in Time for Halloween: Simon MacCorkindale, Barbara Billingsley, and Tom Bosley are Dead

The dead’s ranks are growing…

…with television’s stars of the past!  Which will you dress as this Halloween?

Simon Charles Pendered MacCorkindale, aka Manimal

Half man, half animal, all crimefighter.  If you’re not familiar with Manimal, now is the time to remedy that:

Man, what I would give to turn into animals and fight crime…  But I digress.  Mr. MacCorkindale was also a regular on the 80’s classic Falcon Crest, which just goes to show that he had great taste in television show titles.  You might also remember him as Philip FitzRoyce from Jaws 3-D.

He died this past week from cancer.  A shame.  But you can honor his loss this Halloween.  Yes you can!  And out of the choices above, Manimal is clearly the best, right?  All you’d need is a good British accent, a well-coiffed do, some wings and a beak with which to fight crime with.  Or are you more the panther type?  Either way, you’re half dashing and half man of action.  Which makes you the sexiest guy at the party.

Barbara Billingsley, aka June Cleaver

I’ll admit, I don’t have many memories of Leave It to Beaver or the follow-up Still the Beaver (still the beaver?), but Barbara Billingsley’s role as June Cleaver is pretty freaking iconic.  She was the very symbol of 1950s housewife home life, for better or for worse.  She often wore pearls, fancy earrings, and high-heel shoes, unusual for a woman best known for getting cookies ready for Ward and the Beave’s arrival home at the end of the day.

She died this past week of polymyalgia at the ripe old age of 94.  But like Simon above, there’s always the option to honor her memory with a creative Halloween costume!  And since she’s really only known for one role, your choice here is really a no-brainer, for women and men!  Bake some cookies, put on a dress and pearls, and be ever so pleasant to everyone you meet.  Plus you’ll have an entire night of beaver jokes at your disposal.

Tom Bosley, aka Howard Cunningham

Some of you might remember Tom Bosley’s role as Sheriff Amos Tupper on Murder She Wrote, but I’ll wager it’s his role as Richie’s father Howard Cunningham on Happy Days that first comes to mind.

I don’t remember much from Happy Days as it’s been many years, but I seem to recall Howard being incredulous quite often, whether it be from Richie, Joanie, or the Fonz.  He also sat in a chair a lot, reading a newspaper.  He was a warm father, despite his frequent incredulity, and with Barbara as the other, one half of a true 50s power couple.

He died earlier today of heart failure in Palm Springs, California.  He will be missed.

And as far as costumes are concerned…well, I can’t really think of one for Tom.  He didn’t really have any obvious characteristics lending themselves to Halloween merriment.  Maybe it’s too soon to go dressing up as Howard Cunningham.

Maybe it’s too soon for all of them.  Use your judgment, but if you so choose to Manimalize yourself or entertain your friends with beaver jokes, do it with class.

These people deserve it.

–Cap’n Simon Billingsley Pendered Bosleyjack

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  1. November 3, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    Great stuff, do inform me when you post again something like this!

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    Hello, please tell us when we shall see a follow up!

  1. October 20, 2010 at 9:38 am

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