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This News Stinks: Mike Myers to Voice Pepe Le Pew

Long time readers to this site know that we’re no fans of Mike Myers.  What started as a promising career on Saturday Night Live has devolved to one consisting of one Scottish accent after another, incessant mugging to the camera, the Cat in the Hat, and finally, the Love Guru.  He’s comedically bankrupt.  His bag of tricks is empty.  He has nothing left to offer the movie going public.

Or does he?

No, no he doesn’t.  But that doesn’t mean he ain’t gonna try to one-up that lousy Owen Wilson and his recent rendition of that wise-cracking dog Marmaduke.  Thanks to Warner Bros, who is trying to revive their less-than-popular-amongst-the-kids Looney Tunes line of characters, a movie about Pepe Le Pew is on the way. 

If Mike's the skunk, we're the cat

And no, it won’t be animated by hand like all the classics you remember.  Instead, as you can probably guess, the iconic (?) character is going to be computer animated with the world around him in live action.  Like Marmaduke.  And the upcoming Smurfs movie.  Greaaaat.  And to top it all off, as you can guess, Mike Myers is going to voice the skunk himself.  Which makes me wonder…

Pepe Le Pew is Scottish?

No, he is Fronch!

At this point I just don’t know what to do anymore.  I was hoping that the poor performance of the recent Shrek movies, the Love Guru, the Cat in the Hat, and the last Austin Powers would have put an end to Mr. Myers’ assault on innocent moviegoers.  Apparently I was wrong.  Apparently there are those out there who would welcome a man whose welcome has long been worn out.  Apparently some of you out there want to see a French baguette placed amusingly in front of Pepe’s groin region.

Because that’s what you’re gonna get. 

Because Mike Myers sucks.

–Cap’n Black in the Jack

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