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Introducing…CHIMPS AHOY!

Today the Limejuiceboy and I would like to proudly introduce our newest endeavor; a blog about a topic that the both of us hold near and dear to our hearts.


Apes, gorillas, chimps, orangutans, and the like. In other words…


Yes, we’ll have monkey news. As often as it hits the presses. But that’s not all. Our site will also be the web’s number one primate classroom! For example, did you know the macaque is the most populous primate in the world behind humans? Neither did we until we just looked it up, but you get the idea. Learning happens here!

But what about fun, you say? Oh, we know how to have fun. And we’re going to slather you in monkey fun. Just take a look at what we have in store!

  • On-Site Reporting! Helper monkeys, entertainers, and even the zoo! (That’s right, I said the zoo! Crazy.)
  • Monkey Movie Reviews! We’ve seen monkey movies, but we could always see more, friends. This time with reviews, posted for you! You won’t rent a bad monkey movie (i.e. “Ed”) ever again!
  • Famous Monkeys Through Time! Ever wish you could speak more intelligently about Koko the Gorilla or Bubbles the Chimp with that sexy single at the nightclub? Chimps Ahoy has you covered!
  • Chimp-Mart! Oh, if only there was a big box store of monkey merchandise in your neighborhood. You won’t need one if you read Chimps Ahoy! If we see cool ape-related clothing, art, and toys, you can bet your sweet cheeks that we’ll post it here for you. Isn’t that nice of us?
  • And Much Monk More! Weather reports from the jungle! The search for the missing link between humans and apes, Bigfoot! Monk-culinary tidbits! Even babies and monkeys! If it has to do with apes (or man-apes), we’re there.

It’s time to set sail for monkey-related adventure, friends. Just say…

Chimps Ahoy!

–Cap’n Blackjack

P.S. No, Celebrity Exile isn’t going anywhere, folks! We’ll continue to post crazy crap here as often as we can! So don’t go anywhere!

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