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If you're British, the news just got worse.

I'm instantly hungry

So yeah, here at the Island, we Americans think we’re great. But we aren’t. And we know it.

America! Fuck Yea!

But regardless (irregardless?), we American’s love it when a society close to us, in this case the British, takes one to the teeth (oops, sorry Jeeves!)…

No worries, bloke.

Every 4th of July I love to watch the fireworks explode over the lake and then I waddle my way over to the grill to devour more than a couple of hotdogs, and maybe a ‘burger slipped in there somewhere, which is followed by a s’more among the campfire. It’s Beat Up On The British Day! But when I heard about the report from the Cancer Research UK, I had to think about things….

Rates of esophageal cancer in men have risen by 50 percent in Britain in a generation, an increase that is probably being driven in part by growing rates of obesity and poor diet…being overweight significantly increases the risk of adenocarcinoma — the main type of esophageal cancer that’s on the up..


Look, I love the Brits..they know comedy, they have history, and they’re like our big step-brother that we know we should respect, and we do…kinda…but he’s a bit awkward and we’re much cooler.

we'll talk later

Except we’re suckers for that accent. Speak to us in any accent, and we’ll be like butter in the palm of your hands.

well, except for you guys

So please, British ladies, do something about your men. Although they know how to make us laugh, they don’t eat well. And while you’re at it, do something about your own teeth.

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