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The Island's 200th Clip-Post!

You...you've earned it.

Hello, to all the 5 loyal readers out there!

It’s been a while since I have posted something, anything, but you know, things get in the way, like other blogs (www.limejuiceboys.com), brainstorming new blogs (get ready for a good one soon!) and my daily consumption of a pint of scotch (that’s not true, it’s more than a pint).

Since late last year, Cap’n Blackjack and I have been putting people, places and things on The Island. Our first handful of entries were hate-filled, venom-spitting declarations of why we were doing this.


But surprising, we grew tired of being mean all the time. So soon after, the tone of this blog changed and we became a bit less fierce, mostly letting the news speak for itself and concentrating more on the positive side of things.

Today in the news: Picture is taken of sleeping kittens!

Don’t get me wrong, we still look forward to the good, ol’ fashioned banishment (Will Ferrell, Levi Johnson and Helena Bonham Carter came oh-so-close to being banished today) but we like to take topics that are more current and comment on them.

And speaking of comments, to tie all this into the title of this, the 200th post of The Island, I present a few of the 116 comments that we have gotten so far. So please, enjoy and SEND US MORE COMMENTS!

More on Rachael Ray
While this feedback is certainly warranted you should be careful not to upset Oprah and Harpo Industries.

Happy Birthday Katherine Heigl!
Shes got teeth like a horse.

The Righteous Kill Challenge
This movie is so viciously awful that I’m actually contemplating changing the name of my Tango & Cash Rule to The Righteous Kill rule… and I haven’t even watched this… nor will I due to the fact that it falls under my Tango and Cash Rule

Jim Breuer’s Ring of Cheese
First of all to understand what happened to killer, you gotta understand who killer the dog was. Now killer was born to a three-legged bitch mother. He was always ashamed of this.. And then right after that he’s adopted by this man, Tito Liebowitz — small time gun runner and a rotweiler fight promoter. So he puts killer into training. They see killer’s good. He is damn good. But then he had the fight of his life. They pit him against his brother nibbles. And killer said “no man that’s my brother, I can’t fight nibbles” but they made him fight anyway, and killer, he killed nibbles. Killer said “that’s it!” and he called off all his fights, then he started smoking crack, and he freaked out. Then in a rage, he collapsed, and his heart no longer beat. wow.

Singing Wait Staff
Wow someone thinks I’m still relevant to talk about! Thanks Celebrity Exile!
– Andy Williams

Vanity Plates: Banished!
Best vanity I’ve ever seen though was on an Audi: Inny

Most recent vanity plate I’ve seen was ICEMAN from CT in an Escalade with a #33 NASCAR sticker in the back window ~ what a jackhole.

Rescued Island: Ben Affleck
Hey, I liked Armageddon!!!! Keep it rockin Ben!!

Timeout Island: Jim Carrey
The Grinch movie gave me seizures. I think that we should sue.

Carrot Top: Female Bodybuilder or Gay Howdy Doody?
Dude! It is Lion-0!

A Bad Case of the Squeakquelitis
I don’t want to admit it but deep down I do want to see this movie. I don’t know why, I JUST DON’T KNOW WHY!!!!!

Where’s my rifle?

The Golden Girls’ Top 5 Movies of the Decade
“Perhaps Daniel Day Lewis who cements his status as the greatest living actor on the planet with this movie.” Thank you for saying this and thank you for choosing There Will be Blood as the top movie of the almost decade. It was hands down the best movie in 10 years and Dan Day Lewis gave one of the best peformances ever. I had nightmares about Daniel Plaineview for weeks.

The Three Stooges Movie: No, No and, um, NO
did someone say week old Salmon?

Martha Martha Martha
It’s amazing how I lost to this poor excuse for a candidate 2 months ago and now people are saying I would’ve ran away with this election. She ran possibly the worst campaign known to man. I’ve run better campaigns in Call Of Duty on my PS3. Massachusetts is filled with morons
*disclaimer – I am not actually Mike Capuano…I’m Martha Coakley

Timeout Island: The fascination with Jennifer Aniston’s single life
You’re right, the media should just go away and stop covering stupid stories about celebrities…we should put them on an island or something

My Date with the Love Guru
Please let us never speak of this again.

Take a Timeout, Accurate Weather Forcasting
WHDH is hiring and I’m thinking about applying:
Job No. 3041
Title: PT Meteorologist
Requirements: REQUIREMENTS: WHDH-TV in Boston, MA is looking for an accurate weather forecaster for weekend morning newscasts. Must be able to generate creative, animated weather graphics and convincingly provide inaccurate weather forecasts, as needed. Candidate must strongly believe that he/she is smarter than Mother Nature. Must have an AMS Seal and a minimum of 2-3 years experience. WHDH-TV is an EOE employer (this means I stand a chance woo hoo!!).

Kingdom of the Little People: Thumbs Up or Down?
I fully agree with your observations, yet what people in the West must realize is that in other parts of the world people have differing views and not all people are alike. In America, we think that a good set of legs, a pretty face, and a great body is sexy. In Japan the neck to them is their standard of sexuality.

Happy Birthday Webster!
highly disturbed by this…

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Cartman’s Poker Face
Thank you thank you.


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  1. Lush Here
    August 11, 2010 at 11:58 am

    Congratulations boys on your 200th post…ummm…do you get a prize or anything? What? No…! We will have to work on that then.

  2. Mrs. Blackjack
    August 11, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    LJB, I’m surprised you didn’t include any pictures of half-naked women on this one!

    Congrats boys on 200 posts! I’m crossing my fingers for 200 readers someday!

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