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For Your Friday Viewing Pleasure: A SCI-FI BONANZA! Green Slime Meets 2001's Acid Trip Fantastic

I’ll wager none of you have seen The Green Slime. But maybe, just maybe, you’ll give it a shot after seeing this:

Ahh…that brings back some memories…

Seriously. I’ve seen that movie half a dozen times. It’s gold. Check it out. But enough with the silly sci-fi. Let’s get serious on this ass. Let’s drop a few tabs and witness the birth of the starchild, baby. Dave, I salute you.

Best. Movie. Ever.

–Cap’n Jack 9000 Computer

BTW: Both movies came out in the same year.  Crazy, right?

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Court rules Quinnipiac Cheerleading is not a Sport!

And that’s a good thing!

Quinnipiac cheering...maybe...

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that competitive cheerleading is not a sport.

The reason for the court’s ruling was that Quinnipiac University cancelled Women’s Volleyball and in its place added Competitive Cheerleading.


Because they needed to be in compliance with Title IX, the 1972 federal law that requires male and female athletes to be given equal opportunities.

Additionally, the women’s volleyball team also said that Quinnipiac cancelled their sport because it was too expensive while at the same time diverting funds into male athletics.

no comment

Now, I have no problem with Competitive Cheering. But when one sport, which is more widely accepted as such, is cancelled for another under these circumstances, then that is just plain wrong.

But don’t tell that to Deanna Harvey, who wrote in the NY Daily News:

I was a competitive cheerleader for five years and I have a very different opinion on this ruling stemming from a lawsuit by members of the Quinnipiac University women’s volleyball team who sued when the school disbanded the squad and replaced it with cheerleading.

I began cheering my freshman year of high school and it immediately gave me a confidence I’d never had before. It also made me appreciate what it takes to succeed in a competitive, challenging and dangerous environment – and isn’t that the definition of a sport?

My message to the judge who ruled that cheerleading is not a sport is to try one stunt, perform a backflip while you soar into the air, and wait for two petite girls to catch you. And then get back to me.

Ms. Harvey is completely missing the point.

She thinks that the judge is attacking Competitive Cheering when in fact that is not the issue.

The issue is that the University cancelled one sport without concrete reasons and replaced it with another. The sports are irrelevant. Plain and simple.

And now, to show my support for Competitive Cheering, which is not a sport, I’ll post a few action shots in its honor:

Someone's missing from this picture..

This was a google result of nerdy cheerleader


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'Major League' Coach and Moustached Marvel James Gammon is Dead and You Don't Care

You guys don't stink, we love you!

If you’re like me then you’ve realized by now that the 1989 comedy Major League is by far more interesting than the game of baseball itself.

But while most people often equate the joy that is Major League with Wesley Snipes as Willy Mayes Hayes, Charlie Sheen as the Wild Thing, and Tom Berenger as lovable catcher Jake Taylor (have you seen him in Inception? He has not aged well), I think James Gannon as Lou Brown, the coach, has definitely not gotten the credit he deserves. And to that I say:

For shame. Because now he’s dead. And he’s not coming back.

So why don’t you make up for lost time and pop in some M.League, Nash Bridges, or even a Bonanza or two? James Gannon’s moustache deserves it.

Besides, if Corbin Bernsen does it, shouldn’t you?

Cap’n Blackjack

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For Your Friday viewing pleasure…

About what, I have no idea.

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Strange Ad of the Day

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Mel Gibson Just Can't Quit Being a Racist, Girlfriend-Threatening, Drunken Douche

Oh Mel.

Mel Mel Mel…

By now most of you have probably heard that Mel got recorded saying some pretty awful things AGAIN.  This time by his smart-to-record-everything-he-says ex-girlfriend.

So, what gems are just waiting to be uncovered this time?  Well, he starts by telling her to take the “foreign bodies” out of her breasts, says her pants are so tight that you can see her pussy, and drops the big bomb saying that she will be “raped by a pack of n****rs”.  All the while orchestrating a shock and awe campaign of verbal terror that would make Fox News proud.

It’s a long way from Braveheart, people.

So, if you have the guts to listen to a man nailing down the lid on his own coffin, please visit our friends over at Gawker.

Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.

–Cap’n Blackjack

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For Your Friday Viewing Pleasure…Dayman, Champion of the Sun

July 9, 2010 1 comment


–Cap’n Blackjack

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