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Wimbledon ballers

As I watch the quarterfinals of the 2010 Wimbledon tournament, I am impressed with the efficiency and professionalism of the young-uns situated (oh sweet crab-legs, the tv just panned the crowd and there was Ben Stiller and his hot wife (grrrrr!)) at every possible angle of where the ball might be out-of-bounds.

I have always been a casual fan of tennis…okay, everytime I watch it I have to be reminded of how the scoring goes and then I remember the saying “game, set, match” and realize that is a phrase that indeed comes from tennis. But lately I have been playing tennis and even though a friend of mine said that ‘tennis is a sport that you can be kinda good at pretty fast, but then that’s it’ I still like to play (ask me 6 months from now if I’m still playing–hello candlepin!)


Anyway, I’ve been playing and watching tennis recently and in addition to being a fun game, the ‘ballers’ at the professional matches must get kudos…from msnbc.com:

…their sole purpose is to maintain the pace of play and tend to the needs of the players, all the while striving for invisibility.

Regardless of which court they are placed on, ball boys and girls have many responsibilities. The nature of their job demands that they adapt to the pace of each match and the players. Their days tend to be long, hot and physically grueling.

The ability to multi-task is essential for ball boys and girls, with a fluid transition from grabbing and feeding balls to getting players towels all key.


That is all.


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