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Six Flags Reveals New Abomination: Little Six

I boycotted Six Flags a long long time ago.  I had my reasons, trust me.  I won’t go into them here.  But at least I did it before this guy started showing up on my TV screen:

Meet Mr. Six, the creepy dancing thingamabob.  My wife says he looks like a woman.  I think it’s Martin Short.  Either way, SUPER CREEPY.

Now, in recent times Six Flags hasn’t seen as much success as in years past.  I’m not one to say that it was solely the influence of my boycot that let to them declaring bankruptcy, so I’ll concede a measure to Mr. Six and his super creep factor of twelve.

So what did the suits at Six Flags come up with as a means to combat their declining revenues?

Now there are two of them

Meet Little Six, the smaller, creepier, dancing thingamabob.  Here.  Watch it in motion:

Kinda makes you queasy, doesn’t it?  I mean, I love the small people, but that thing should be set on fire.

But the real question here isn’t what planet Little Six belongs to, or why he and Mr. Six love to ride the Vengabus so much, but whether the Mrs. Six that gave us Little Six is really the Six we already know and love?


–Cap’n Sixpack

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