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SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT! Come Join the Lime Juice Boys!

In the grand Celebrity Exile tradition of forcing our opinions on others (like you wonderful people), let me introduce you to our new website:


For those of you who know the Limejuiceboy (so that’s where his name comes from!) and myself personally, you know that this has been a labor of love for us for years. Ever since the two of us worked at a financial sweatshop together many moons ago, we had a vision for a world brimming with pirates, danger, and great adventure.

It began as a rotating email between the two of us and another good friend. One of us would begin the story, then email it to the next person in the rotation who, in turn, would add the next chapter, and so on. What resulted was…well, a mess. But what a wonderful mess it was! For the three of us it was great fun.

A lot of time has passed since then, but surly pirate Captain Blackjack (so that’s where my name comes from!), lovable dumbass Ribley, and spunky monkey First Ape have never left our hearts and minds.

So, in the great tradition of our past rotating email, we have created this site, to share our pirate adventure with you, dear readers, in the hopes that not only will you enjoy it. But that you’ll join the fun and help us out!

So, will you hear the call? Here’s that link again:


–Cap’n Blackjack

P.S. No, we won’t be shutting down Celebrity Exile, folks!  We have no intention to stop banishing people any time soon.

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