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Curt Schilling to Move Game Company Out of Massachusetts? Meh.

Aryan Power!

Curt Schilling, former bloody-sock-wearing Red Sox ace, current boorish egotistical loudmouth, and longtime proud Sarah Palin fan announced that he is mulling a move of his video game company 38 Studios (his number was 38 in case you didn’t know, there’s that ego again) out of Massachusetts.

And I reply with… Muh-muh-muh-MEH

From the Boston Globe:

“We have all the things any state in the country would want right now,” Schilling said. “We’re hearing from states that don’t have programs talking about putting programs in place for us.”

Uh and huh.

Shirt Schilling

Let me point out right here and now that 38 studios should probably consider renaming itself Zero Studios. As in, that’s the total number of games Mr. Schilling has created. On top of that, the game he’s been working on so feverishly for years now hasn’t even seen the light of day. No one knows what it looks like, what it’s about, etc.

This is from a game that actually came out.

Hmmm…yes, I’m practically falling over myself to get 38 Studios in my backyard.

Now, it’s true that giant publishing company Electronic Arts has agreed to distribute his first game. If it ever comes out, that is. So, I’m going to out out on a strong limb here and predict that Mr. Schilling’s game fails miserably if it ever comes out.

And if I’m wrong, I’ll just point out that he’s still 37 short.

–Cap’n Blackjack

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