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Unless you look like Mick Jagger.


According to a new tell-all book by Jenny Paul, Mick Jagger and Angelina Jolie hooked up in 1997 and then did it again 6 years later.

lucky strawberry...

The thing is, I can totally see these two hook up. They’re both richer than Richie Rich, they live life on the wildside, they are more famous than famous and they are both famous not only here on Earth but probably on any other planet that’s picking up our Entertainment Telecast*. And I don’t care that Mick Jagger’s face looks like a catcher’s glove on a rainy day. The man will be sexy when he’s 90.

Wait, he’s how old?

*E.T.: NASA spends hundreds of millions to ensure a heavy dose of Entertainment Telecast will be the first signal from the Milky Way.

(I shouldn’t have said anything. I’ve already said too much.)

(Agents with be here shortly. This maybe my last post.)

() are really helping.

(I’ll blink now)

Can we move on?

So it makes sense that duh! of course these 2 would hook up, what with being the circles they run in and all that…stuff. Actually, I’m sure circles run around them.

And that’s how this happens.

Of course! I’m surprised more of these kind of happy shenanigans don’t surface more frequently. Since they are in the public eye and are, for the most part, fair game, we should start guessing at the Who’s Who of Hookups. I’ll start but after this. Let’s get back to the issue at hand…

Right. It’s about Mick Jagger, isn’t it?


Sir Mick, you’ve been around a long time. And that’s one big block he’s been around, too.

Man, you got a good life.

Bravo, Sir.

And yes, I quoted Ke$ha. You can punch me the next time you see me.


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