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Not this time either, His Airness.


It was reported today that David Stern, the NBA commissioner, expects easy approval of one Michael Jeffrey Jordan’s majority ownership in the Charlotte Bobcats franchise.

This is good news.

This is not good news.

Not for Michael Jordan fans.

Not for Charlotte Bobcats fans.

Since being a part of the front office, MJ has not had the kind of success, even remotely, as he did when he was on the floor. That last sentence is up for gold in the ‘most obvious statement ever’ competition. But about his front office career, the numbers are not good.

Here are the playoff results of front-office lead Michael Jordan NBA teams:

1999: DNQ
2000: DNQ
2001: DNQ
2002: DNQ
2003-2009: DNQ*

*I got tired of typing “DNQ”.

That’s right, Did Not Qualify!

Obviously anything Air Jordan does should make news in the sports world, or anywhere else I suppose. And anytime anyone buys a majority stake in anything this big is worth noting. But The Island has a feeling that the press is getting wide-eyed at the prospect of a classic fail here. Jordan hasn’t done anything you could call successful in the front-office of the NBA world. And this has the chance to be a juicy story in a few years for everyone to sink their teeth into.

so good..

But as a player, I mean, wow. Obviously the best ever. I didn’t like Jordan at first. I appreciated his talent and was awed by what he could do, but I didn’t like him because he was a growing threat to the Celtics. During the 80’s, Jordan carried those bad Bulls team’s far beyond the talent of the group as a whole. And when Jordan scored 63 in a playoff game against my home team (the C’s ended up sweeping MJ..boo-yah!) you knew it was only a matter of time before Jordan’s team would win it all. But what they did was become a dynasty. Is that a capital ‘D’?

I lived in Chicago during the late 90’s and it took me a while to warm up to the Bulls. The Celtics were a bad, bad team at that time and Chicago had been good for a while. Jordan played baseball for a season or two but there was an energy surrounding that Jordan-less Bulls team. When it happened, it seemed obvious that Jordan would return to the Bulls and lay waste to the rest of the league. They played so well that I had to like them. I liked to like them. Sure, I tried to cheer for Reggie Miller and the Pacers and Malone and Stockton for the Jazz, but they weren’t fun. The fun was in Chicago and the Bulls were King.

And that’s how I want to remember Jordan. Not by his failed baseball career, his over-priced steakhouse or his previous stumbles running an NBA team. I want to remember him as the Best Player Ever. But if he wants to run the Bobcats, let him have it. I’m not afraid of the Bobcats. They can come to The Garden anytime. Especially if this guy is their coach:

Look it up, he really is looking to coach an NBA team.

-The Admiral Limejuiceboy

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