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Topical Island: @ShitMyDadSays.

From CNN.com: The show’s creators are for sure going to have to find another title, but at least they now have a star.

CNN has confirmed that William Shatner has been cast to star in an adaptation of the Twitter account @S-MyDadSays. (You can fill in the dashes.)

The show is reportedly planned as a CBS series to be executive produced by “Will & Grace” creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick.

The twitter account boasts more than 1 million followers and was started by twenty-something Justin Halpern after he moved back in with his parents. It features sayings from his cranky, seventy-something dad, who often utters comical insights not suitable for print here.

Halpern also landed a book deal courtesy of his father’s profane pronouncements, which have covered everything from his son’s smell while working out to his disdain for the novel “The DaVinci Code.”

Shatner has proven his comedic chops with his role in “Boston Legal,” for which he won an Emmy, and as a pitchman for Priceline.com.

Okay, there’s a lot going on here. First, good for you, Justin Halpern! You succeeded in creating something that is so simple it’s going to make you a millionaire and you probably are enjoying every minute of it. At the same time, as I struggle with my own lack of ideas and what I consider personal failings by not doing something I love as it pertains to a career, you make the light shine a bit brighter on my tragedy. Of course this wasn’t in any way your intent. The fact of the matter is I’m jealous.

Second, when I read that William Shatner is staring in the sitcom based on a twitter account I moaned. I never watched Boston Legal and people seem to love Shatner in it. He won an Emmy, he must have been good! But those Priceline.com commercials are painful to watch. They wanted camp and if you want camp, Shatner’s your man. I get that, but I just can’t see Shatner succeeding in a sitcom role…based upon a twitter account!

And lastly, did I mention I was jealous?


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