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Exile Island: Olivera Egg Ranch


From MSNBC: At the end of a remote road lined by houses, children play in yards just a short distance from a stagnant, 16.5-acre lagoon filled with the waste sludge of a factory egg farm.
Flies hover over the pond as chicken urine and feces get pumped daily through white pipes connected from Olivera Egg Ranch’s huge laying facilities, which can house more than 700,000 caged chickens.

Residents of this town 80 miles east of San Francisco say they’ve complained for years to local air and environmental regulators about the waste lagoon, saying the stench and eye-burning fumes give them headaches and nausea. They say nothing changed.

After reading this article, I again wonder why everyone doesn’t buy local, organic, cage-free eggs? Well, I guess ‘local’ wouldn’t work for the residents of French Camp, California. And if the arguement is “it costs too much” I say, bah! So you don’t buy ice cream that week, or buy cheaper T.P..

Fresh eggs are local eggs and local eggs are fresh!

How is it possible that companies can still get away with this, or even sleep at night when, they are blatantly dumping ‘untreated’ waste into the environment? This isn’t the 1970’s, people!

I said it ISN'T the 1970's.

This really gets the Island’s knickers in a twist! GAHHHH!!

-Sir Lime J. Boy

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