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I had a feeling it was Nothing But Trouble.

Looking back upon completion of the movie I contemplated the mis-steps and the warning signs that had lead to the unfortunate series of events that just took place. Wait, what happened? I was dazed. But slowly the fog lifted and in searching for answers, I realized that 90 minutes prior, I was lulled by the false pretense that Nothing But Trouble could be one of those hidden gems. If nothing, it would serve its purpose with a handful of snickers, a couple of chuckles, and quite possily one or two genuine laughs.

Instead it was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. And here’s why:

1) Nothing But Nothing.
There was no plot. Nothing. The character’s moved from one situation to another because it was there. Doors opened, things were just thrown in because they needed to be and the dialogue was dull and boring. Nothing had a reason. The characters were not proactive, they were reactive. Even Humpty Hump and a cameo by an unknown Tupac Shakur couldn’t make one nugget of a decent memory out of this one.

2) Nothing But Duped.
I was totally duped by this movie. There was no “research” I conducted, I didn’t casually ask around to get opinions, and I didn’t read reviews, not even the back of the DVD box. It had a great cast with Ackroyd, who wrote and directed it (another red flag missed), Chevy Chase (at the back-end of his prime but still..), Demi Moore (short-hair style Demi), John Candy (RIP), and one of those actors who when you see him say “Oh yeah, that guy”. Regrettably, the only funny parts were from “that guy”.

3) Nothing But Bobby.
I had just finished watching Bobby, a great film only a few years old and absolutely a must-see. With its all-star cast I was lulled to sleep thinking NBT could been worth a viewing. Obviously I knew it wasn’t on par with Bobby, but they both had Demi Moore!

4) Nothing But Disgusting.
Floppy, wet sausages dangling in front of Chevy Chase and out of the mouth of Dan Ackroyd, served by a dressed-in-drag John Candy. Sounds uproariously funny, don’t it?

5) Nothing But Ackroyd.
You are to blame for this, Dan. And I think you know it.

I did some research after I had spent those 90 minutes of my life with NBT when I should have been pouring acid between my toes. Apparently this movie has somewhat of a cult following! Shocking! Seriously, I don’t get it. More research reveals that Dan has never directed another movie since. Sorry Mr. Ackroyd, I like you, you have done some great stuff and I want to try your wine sometime. Just don’t do that again.

Stay in front of the camera, Ray.


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