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Exile Island: Katie Couric, Glamour Puss

I admit, I have never been a fan of Ms. Couric. But she never bothered me when she was on that morning show–NBC, I think. I don’t care, my point is, she was out of sight, out of mind.

But then, Dan Rather had to say somethng bad about W. and that opened the door for the first solo female anchor of a nightly news program. She got a huge contract and expectations were sky-high.

And right off the bat, ratings plummeted. The workplace was not a funplace, so I have read. Ms. Couric was a big disappointed. I didn’t feel all that bad.

But she did score some points with her interveiw of Sarah Palin. High comedy, that was!

Still, that doesn’t save Ms. Couric from being banished. When Harper’s Bazaar gets Katie Couric all “sexy and chic”, it makes me want to barf up my coffee and bagel with cream cheese into my girlfriend’s bowl of cheerios (sorry about that, sweets).

And to top it off, watch the video. Katie refers to herself as being a “Glamour Puss”. If not for anything else, she’s banished for that.


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