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Game Over Island: The Indianapolis Colts


Here we go again. Super Bowl, whatever number, ZSVD12 maybe, I don’t know, I don’t care, is upon us!

I have a few wagers going on, like what the color of the gatorade is going to be that’s dumped on the winning coach (orange), how will the first 1st down happen (3rd and 7, 5 yard catch, fumble, then recovery by the same team 6 yards further down the field) and finally, how long will it take Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem (2 minutes, 23 seconds).

These are a lock. Trust me.

Now time for some hard-hitting analysis of what to expect: We are dealing with two, high-powered offensive teams. They can put up big numbers in a hurry. So rest assured that on Sunday, there will be deep penetration by both teams. Plays will be run around the tight ends, there will be one or two times when a player will have to stretch to get it in and a few will go all the way. Holes will be found to slide into and when in deep territory, there will be a lot of pounding right down the middle.

Because of that, I give you my Final Score:

Colts 10 Saints 13.

That’s right. I could have gone crazy with stats, graphs, passer-ratings and Peyton’s fluctuating number on the douchery scale, but it doesn’t matter anymore. This is the time when you go with your gut.

Or just hope New Orleans wins because I HATE THE *#$%* COLTS! (If it wasn’t evident)

-Le jus de citron vert garcon

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