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Exile Island: Another Foodie joins the castaways.

Todd English

There are two things that are delicious in this picture, wouldn't you agree?

I really wanted to exile someone or something else (the list is long and growing) but I just couldn’t help myself.

This past weekend I turned the TV to PBS and watched the usual Saturday afternoon lineup of cooks, chefs and foods from around the world, most notably Italy. Julia and Lidia were a delight and even Ming I can tolerate. But once Mr. English and his smug-ass clown beak exploded onto the screen I scrambled to watch anything else! Or nothing at all.

A certain Carly Simon song comes to mind...

Is it me or does Todd English look like a smarmy slime ball with brie-smelling breath and sweat that stinks like eels? Stop making love to the camera, you oleaginous cad!

When I was at Mohegan Sun over the summer I refused to even consider his “restaurant”. Just read this excerpt from an April 2009 Boston Magazine article by Amy Traverso:

“He carries himself like a celebrity, too, flashing a signature half smile that gives the impression he’s mistaken you for a camera. He has gone on record in the past admitting that he’s naturally shy, explaining that his ability to work a room was a learned skill. It’s clear he’s gotten the hang of it.”



Actually, the article turns pro-English but it doesn’t matter.

I don’t like him. Erica Wang, consider yourself lucky. You deserve better. We all do.

Bye-bye, T.


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  1. Jon Heder
    January 6, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    at least I won’t be hungry on The Island…..gosh

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