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The Golden Girls’ Top 6 Restaurants….or something like that.

Ribs, great... why don't you just kick the dentures out of my mouth?

Here at the Island we love food. And although this list could easily be 100, I wanted to offer up a short dish of places I have been to and enjoyed. But mostly I just wanted to post something new…and about food…and from different spots of the country. And I miscounted, so that’s why this is a Top 6 list. Deal.

Of course, restaurants outside of these United States are on an entirely different list. So get ready for some hard-hitting food reporting! Mangia!

Marietta Pizza Company

Give me The Works!

I was in Marietta for 5 days and I went here twice. The pizza is excellent, the atmosphere is inviting and the beer is good. Try the specialty pizza…I recommend The Works.

Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse

Mouth-watering Filet Mignon

Chicago does a lot of things right. And cooking the perfect steak is no exception. I lived in the Windy City for 3 years and only went here once. What a shame.


Orecchiette pasta..that's right!

A great Italian restaurant in Boston’s North End. Again, I’ve only been here once. But I plan to go again in 2010! The downstairs is a great place to have dinner. I also need to hang out in the bar upstairs. Hmmm, martini’s or manhattan’s?


Elk Medallions

In Crested Butte, Colorado. Yummy!

Richard’s Bistro

scallops wrapped in bacon

I have been here numerous times but not for a year now. It is one of my favorites in the biggest city in NH (don’t laugh). The prices are low, the entrees are excellent, and Richard himself is usually in the front, offering a smile and a big welcome.

Modo Mio

Crab Cannelloni App.

In Philadelphia. Have the $33 four-course option. Oh, and in Philly, most places are BYOB. This place is no exception. And it is excellent!

-Limejuiceboy, food critic extraordinaire!

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