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Um, Watching a Movie Here!

Going to see Avatar tonight and if James Cameron makes it on The Island next week you’ll know how I felt about it.  But it’s not the movie I’m worried about.  It’s the people. 

Yes, to all of you people who insist on talking during the movie, you can go to The Island and straight to Hell beyond it.  I hate you.

I'm not smiling

With the cost of an IMAX movie ticket, taxes, online fees, and whatnot, I’m out about $13 for this bad boy.  Not only that, but in order to get a decent seat, I’m going to have to arrive early and invest a good amount of extra time in this endeavor.  The LAST thing I need is to hear commentary from the schmucks behind me for 2-and-a-half hours.  Or see dozens of bright cellphone and Blackberry screens in front of me.  But I digress…

The fact is I can never forget the jackasses that ruined the movies of my past.  Forever these movies are tainted by these inconsiderate jerks.   For example:

To the girl who kept previewing every scene in Harry Potter (“This is the scene where Sirius appears as the dog!”)…I hate you.

To the large family who decided to hold conversations usually reserved for the dinner table during Superman Returns (thank you for distracting me from an otherwise shitty movie, but still)…I HATE you.

To the two cretins behind me who ate continuously with loud-smacking lips, read every word on screen out loud (“Russia invades U.S.” during a shot of a newspaper headline for example), and said “WHOA!!!!” during every little punch, kick, WHATEVER for the 3 hour running time of Watchmen…


–Cap’n Blackjack

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  1. limejuiceboy7
    December 18, 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Where are you sitting? Because I want the seat right behind you.

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