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Sunday Sports Disabled List with…Lebron James!

My shirt tells you how awesome I am.

Lebron James might be the best basketball player on earth.  The problem is, he knows it.

And he’s not afraid to rub it in your face.

Last night, in a blowout win against the Bulls, “King James” took it upon himself to draw as much attention as possible on his million-dollar head.  With the ball still in play, our friend Lebron decided to do a little dance for the crowd on the sideline.

All about Lebron

Naturally, this didn’t go over so well for the Bulls, resulting in a small dust-up between the Chosen One and professional she-male Joakim Noah.

This isn’t the first time he’s shown such obvious disrespect either.  Last year the “King” was very noticeably goofing off with fellow jackass (and gun-toting maniac) Delonte West on the sideline during yet another blowout, this time against the Celtics.  Once again, he was drawing attention away from the game and onto himself (and the cameras and crowd were only too happy to oblige).  And when he’s not winning he’s storming off the court like a whiney brat, like when he was eliminated from the playoffs last year.  No handshake, no kind words, nothing.  He just stomped off, sulking, like the overgrown child he is.

Look, I know, goofing off isn’t a crime.  Neither is being upset about a big loss.  But his need for constant attention and adolation smacks of petty selfishness.  He has never experienced anything short of unconditional worship in his young life and it shows.  Whatever he wants he gets.  (That is except for a championship, isn’t that right, Lebron?  P.S.: You ain’t gonna find one in NY either.)

Lebron, you are an arrogant, self-centered, attention whore.  The biggest and douchiest in a league full of them.  Why don’t you show some respect for your competitors instead of demanding it all for yourself?  Is that so hard?  I know, “LBJ: Shows Respect for the Competition” doesn’t make for such a cool t-shirt slogan though.

But don’t worry, Lebron.  It’s okay.  You can wear all the arrogant, pat-yourself-on-the-back shirts on The Island.  ‘Cause that’s where you’re going.  And all the other douchebags there won’t care one bit.

–Cap’n Blackjack

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