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Timeout Tuesday: Jim Breuer's Ring of Cheese

It might surprise some of you that we here at Celebrity Exile don’t always banish evildoers to the island.  No, we also provide a public service, providing warnings to those who are on the dark path.

The path to The Island.

We call this Timeout Island: a last chance to fix things before permanent exile.  And today it’s comedian Jim Breuer that is in need of some time off.

Now, I don’t hate Jim.  I’ve been known to enjoy some Half Baked from time to time.  But that was back in the 90s.

See?  That’s the Jim I know.  But this is the Jim of today:

Seems to me the only thing hitting the jackpot is your bank account, Jim.  Your career, however, must be completely in the shitter.  A decade of near silence and this is your big return?  Your giant Welcome Back Jim party?  Look, I like technological advances in pizza as much as the next guy (a Ring of Cheese?!), but when this is your first major appearance to the American public in years, Jim, people are more apt to notice you than the food.

And notice you we did.

Jim, for your sake, please stop doing pizza commercials and start doing something…else.  Anything.  I don’t care what.  Just stop embarrassing yourself.

–Cap’n Blackjack

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  1. Mrs. Blackjack
    December 1, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    First of all to understand what happened to killer, you gotta understand who killer the dog was. Now killer was born to a three-legged bitch mother. He was always ashamed of this.. And then right after that he’s adopted by this man, Tito Liebowitz — small time gun runner and a rotweiler fight promoter. So he puts killer into training. They see killer’s good. He is damn good. But then he had the fight of his life. They pit him against his brother nibbles. And killer said “no man that’s my brother, I can’t fight nibbles” but they made him fight anyway, and killer, he killed nibbles. Killer said “that’s it!” and he called off all his fights, then he started smoking crack, and he freaked out. Then in a rage, he collapsed, and his heart no longer beat. wow.

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