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Rachael Ray EXPOSED! Does She Hate Sick Kids?

courtesy huffingtonpost

Does Island-Member Rachael Ray hate kids with severe illnesses?  Allegedly, yes!  At least according to our new intrepid reporter, Sassy Lassy, who had the misfortune of having direct contact with the Ray.  Here’s what she passed along to us at great risk to her well-being:

She was our neighbor at Paul Newmans’ Double H ranch for kids with critical illnesses (HIV, CP, Hemophiliacs, MS, sickle cell, etc.). She did not show us a very neighborly attitude. We invited her to the camp a few times to meet the kids, every year she declined. Which I understand, a bitch needs her privacy. However, not only did she just not come and visit the kids, she would cite noise complaints to the cops when the kids would be boating or fishing on the lake we shared (Lake Luzerne). Nothing came of it. When the cops heard she was reporting kids in wheelchairs, they stopped showing up.

Way to go, Rach.  Way to go.  If this is true, you have proven that your own selfish needs outweigh those of people far less fortunate than you.  That’s just excellent.  And not only that, you’re trying to ruin the good times these kids are lucky enough to have!  Unbelievable.

I think I’m not alone in hoping that karma has its sights set squarely upon you, Rach.

–Cap’n Blackjack w/ Thanks to Sassy Lassy!

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