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Introducing the Sunday Sports Disabled List With…Scott Boras!

courtesy nytimes.com

Look at all those baseballs.  They’re like little skulls.  The skulls of those whose souls Scott Boras has sucked dry.  Like a devil vampire.  Or a vampire devil.

For the uninitiated, Scott Boras is the biggest agent in all of baseball, if not all sports. In other words he’s the Biggest Dick On Earth.  And this is the time of year he really gets to pitch a tent.  His job basically is to get other Big Dicks as much money as he possibly can.  See, look how happy he makes them:

courtesy AP/Kathy Willens


Look, I know.  Beating a dead horse.  There’s nothing here that hasn’t been said a million times before.  So, I’ll let some more pictures do the talking.

Many Bothans died…to bring us this information.

courtesy twobigboobs

Scott, thinking evil thoughts.  Searching the stands for his next victim.  Feeling the blood hunger rise.

courtesy cnnmoney.com

Scott, getting creepy in the locker room with Alex Rodriguez.  Careful Alex.  In nine years your skull will be on that wall.

courtesy flikr/eloketh

Scott on a Gelfling Hunt.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Scott Boras’ evil clearly knows no bounds.  His dark presence has arrived on Earth to harvest our souls, collect us as trophies, and destroy our national pastime in the process.  Well, I for one am not going to have it.  For the sake of Major League Baseball, and all Gelflings everywhere, please join me in issuing Scott Boras a one-way pass on the ferry to Exile Island.

Please.  Do it for Jen and Kira.

courtesy wikia

–Cap’n Blackjack

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